The Unfinished Painting

The Unfinished Painting: cover of novel by Mercedes AguirreIn Victorian England, a young painter dies in strange and violent circumstances. In the present day, a student of art history at Cambridge University has recurrent dreams which link her with past events and with a painting that was never finished.

What connects these two episodes apparently remote in time?

Drama, mystery, myth and a touch of the supernatural are the ingredients of this novel, which spans the world of the Pre-Raphaelite artists and the lives of people today.

Read review in Somerset Life Magazine.

This is a real gem of a book where every passage is to be savoured while the reader is driven inexorably on by the gradual unfolding of a marvellously complex plot where dreams, nightmares and perplexing encounters all combine to deepen the mystery…
Professor Sir Geoffrey Lloyd

The book by Mercedes Aguirre is a mystery novel full of twists and riddles. Aguirre fills her novel with scenes full of mystery and tension and it is impossible to put the book down due to its brisk rhythm. The plot grips the reader till the very end and just like Emma, compulsively returning to the museum, the reader feels compelled to keep coming back to the book over and over again.
Ester Diaz Morillo, Pre-Raphaelite Society Review, Volume XXIX, Number 1, Spring 2021, pgs. 54-55

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