Cuentos de la Mitología

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Myths, frequently human representations of irrational, inanimate or abstract beings, serve to liberate fantasies, fears and hopes, and help us to understand some of the clues of our Western civilisation. (Ediciones de la Torre: description of the series Cuentos de la mitología griega).

Alicia Esteban y Mercedes Aguirre, Cuentos de la mitología nordíca. Illustraciones de Gema GoigNew book: Cuentos de la mitología nordíca

Cuentos de la mitología griega VIII: En los montes y en los ríos, Madrid, Ediciones de la Torre 2018

At the very origin of the universe, as soon as the earth appeared, the mountains were formed, along with the sky and sea. Later, from their lineage in union with the sky, all the rivers and sources sprang up across its surface. Mountains and rivers are primal divinities, ancient spirits that personify places on earth. But they are also settings for the most exciting stories.

Cuentos de la Mitología Griega I En los cielos y en los infiernos

The authors of this delightful book have selected some of the most attractive and less known mythological stories and have retold them in their own words for the enjoyment of their readers. Without the feeling of reverence which reading the Odyssey or the Aeneid might produce, these tales offer us the most wonderful aspect of the inexhaustible Greek myths. (Revista EÑE)

Cuentos de la Filosofía Griega

Some fictional stories which draw us close to Plato’s Dialogues and to earlier Greek philosophy, taking Socrates as a guiding thread.

Cuentos de la Magia Griega

HHecate awaits us at the crossroads: goddess of magic and sorcery, under her influence we will read supernatural stories featuring witches, ghosts, goddesses and mortals.

Cuentos del Teatro Griego

The story of two legendary families: that of Agamemnon and that of Oedipus, both punished by a curse.

Cuentos de la Mitología vasca

Attractive stories, between myth and folklore, compose this book; stories which not long ago were still told by old people living in the countryside; stories of seductive and dangerous goddesses, friendly imps, malignant spirits, monsters, giants, witches and demons.

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