Nuestros mitos de cada día

Mercedes Aguirre Castro: Nuestros mitos de cada día

Shortlisted in the First Literary Prize Éride Ediciones

Myth was born from life and Mercedes Aguirre gives it back in the form of literature in a contemporary shape. Could our lives produce myths? Could an idea of divinity emerge from our acts? From our everyday life could we become heroes, even tragic heroes? To show what is human in myth in to proclaim what makes us immortal. (Pedro Víllora , from the Prologue)

A woman who has lost her memory and been accused of murdering her own son, an actor who travels the world looking for his mother, a woman athlete who has had a cancer operation, these are some of the characters we find in this book. The author interprets and transforms some of the legennds of Greek mythology. The expert reader will appreciate the traces which Mercedes Aguirre has highlighted from the original sources of the myths; other readers will enjoy stories in whose pages emotion and intrigue are present throughout. (Éride Ediciones description)

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