Mythical Tales of the Everyday World

Mercedes Aguirre Castro:  Mythical Tales of the Everyday World

This is a brilliant collection of modern short stories using the narrative patterns of Greek mythology.  (John Taylor, The Journal of Classics Teaching). See full review (PDF, 268kB).

The case of an amnesiac woman accused of having murdered her son; the psychological transformation of a rebellious boy under the influence of an old teacher; the plight of journalists taken hostage in the Philippines under a war-torn, militia-dominated regime: these are some of the stories in this book, in which the author reworks seven ancient Greek myths in a contemporary context. The beauty of these stories is that, for all their modernity, they manage also to create a sense of timelessness, precisely because of the mythical motifs and patterns with which they resonate. (Richard Buxton, Prologue to Mythical Tales of the Everyday World)

Aguirre has skilfully updated her theme to create an innovative, engaging and entertaining collection. (Harriet Smart. InMadrid). See full review (PDF, 650kB).

The delicacy of this is remarkable. It is also unmistakably modern in tone and content. Mercedes Aguirre has realised that for her literary device to work, the stories have to be convincing and compelling in their own right. This they most certainly are… This is a fascinating literary experiment, beautifully carried through. (Alex Martin. The Anglo-Hellenic Review).

…the realism of the story, the contemporary quality of the narrative, and the mythical dimension are cleverly combined…” Cristina Coriasso in Amaltea 2013. See full review (PDF, 159kB).

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