El narrador de cuentos

Mercedes Aguirre Castro: El narrador de cuentos

In the beautiful surroundings of an imaginary Greek island whose name is already enigmatic and suggestive, a conference on myths and folktales takes place.. The characters -the participants and speakers- bring with them the story of their own lives, which seem to be interrupted during the conference. As the papers follow one another, further questions emerge: Who is the mysterious storyteller? Is anybody hiding a dark secret? (Éride Ediciones, description of book)

Mercedes Aguirre’s novel introduces us to a world where, for a moment, fantasy and reality intersect to give sense to the characters’ lives. Myths are at the same time the subject of the academic meeting and the central element which articulates it and which makes the plot advance; tales are fantasy and warnings of destiny. Fiction and reality, literary criticism and personal life all are condensed in the five days in which the university teachers stay in Ananki: the island where the unavoidable happens. (Ana González-Rivas, Espéculo. Revista de estudios literarios)

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