Mercedes Aguirre Castro

Mercedes Aguirre Castro

Mercedes Aguirre Castro

About the author

Mercedes Aguirre is a scholar who works on Greek mythology and a writer of fiction, of retellings of myths and stories inspired by Greek myths.

Mercedes Aguirre Castro was born in Madrid. She has a doctorate in Classical Philology and is a lecturer at the Department of Greek Philology in the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall at the University of Cambridge.

As a university teacher her areas of research are: Greek literature, Greek mythology and iconography, and the reception of Greek mythology in the contemporary world. She has published articles on these subjects (both in Spanish and in English) and has participated in many conferences.

Among her scholarly articles are those on Scylla, on the Gorgons, on sea monsters, on ghosts in Greek tragedy, on female characters in the Odyssey,on several myths and their reception in art, etc. She has authored a book on the Pre-Raphaelites, especially on their mythological paintings focussed on their female characters. She has also written regularly for Revista de Arqueología and Cuadernos de Filología Clásica.

She has always been interested in literature since she was a child, and her parents worked as librarians at the National Library in Madrid. She always wanted to be a writer. She is the co-author of a series of books which retell the Greek myths: Cuentos de la mitología griega (I-VI), Cuentos de la magia griega, Cuentos del teatro griego, Cuentos de la filosofía griega, and one on Basque myths: Cuentos de la mitología vasca (published by Ediciones de la Torre).

She is also the sole author of other books of fiction which have been inspired by Greek mythology but which are situated in our contemporary world: Nuestros mitos de cada día (shortlisted in the Éride Ediciones Literary Prize), the novel  El narrador de cuentos and a new version of the collection of short stories Nuestros mitos de cada dia with the title: Relatos míticos del mundo cotidiano/Mythical Tales of the Everyday World (in a bilingual book Spanish-English) published by Éride Ediciones. Her last novel is El cuadro inacabado.

Her short story La pared was shortlisted in the  competition:  II Concurso Internacional de Cuentos Ediciones de la Torre.

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