Mercedes Aguirre Castro

Mercedes Aguirre Castro

Mercedes Aguirre Castro

Mercedes Aguirre is a scholar who works on Greek mythology. She is also a writer of novels and short stories.

She was born in Madrid. She has a doctorate in Classical Philology and is a lecturer at the Department of Greek Philology in the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. She is currently a Visiting Fellow in University of Bristol, and has been elected a Life Member at Clare Hall in the University of Cambridge.


As a university teacher her areas of published research (in both Spanish and English) are: Greek literature, Greek mythology and iconography, and the reception of Greek mythology in the contemporary world. Among her scholarly articles are those on:

  • Scylla
  • the Gorgons
  • sea monsters
  • ghosts
  • female characters in the Odyssey
  • studies of particular myths and their reception in art

She has also authored a book on the Pre-Raphaelites, especially on those of their mythological paintings which focus on female characters.

Novels and short stories

Mercedes is the co-author of a series of books, all published by Ediciones de la Torre, which retell the Greek myths:

She is also the author of several books of fiction which have been inspired by Greek mythology but which are situated in our contemporary world:

Her latest novel is Vidas, historias y cafés.

She won the 1st Literary Competition Corcel Negro with her book La pared y otros cuentos de lo extraño y lo sobrenatural.

Creative writing

Amongst other activites, Mercedes runs workshops and courses on creative writing, and is currently planning a book on the subject.

See profile at the Escritores Complutenses in Madrid

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